Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Couldn’t I just buy a drone and take aerial photos and videos myself?

A – Yep, but there are federal laws and regulations that you should know before you fly a camera-equipped drone aircraft. There is a lot of liability with flying over homes, people and vehicles, as well as other aircraft in federally managed airspace. And, you need flying skills, photographic skills and the ability to process the videos and photos for your needs.


Q – I’m trying to save a few dollars, so can’t I just pay the neighbor kid a few bucks to take aerial shots for me with the drone he got for his birthday?

A – Unless the neighbor kid is a licensed drone pilot by the FAA, he would be violating federal law by selling drone photos or videos to you. As well, federal law may hold you accountable too, since you hired the unlicensed drone pilot. Any images he shot would likely be used as evidence against both of you in criminal proceedings. Adding insult to injury, you could be liable for personal tort action in the event of an injury or damage to property by the unlicensed drone pilot.


Q – Do you offer your aerial photo & video services outside of your service area?

A – If we are shooting outside of our service area, we have additional charges for travel and expenses, however, that is a simple pass-through cost to our client.


Q – Do you carry liability insurance for your flights?

A – We carry $1 million in liability insurance and will provide a copy to our clients upon request. We can obtain added coverage up to $10 million, as needed.


Q – Can your drone fly over the location where I would like you to take aerial images?

A – Our aerial photographers must verify that a client’s location is in clear airspace and not in one of the FAA mandated ‘no-fly zones’ or in other areas where flying requires FAA waivers.


Q – Does weather effect your ability to shoot aerial images?

A – Our drones are equipped with sensitive electronics. We can not fly in rain and winds over 12mph are a problem, mostly for highly stable video, but also for flight concerns.


Q – As a realtor, I need photos and videos of a home I want to sell. Do you shoot indoors too?

A – We have a hand-held unit that uses internal gyroscopes to stabilize video footage and photos. The stabilizer provides very smooth video of interiors and is often used for close ups of outdoor views of homes for sale.


Q – Can you see from the ground what you are photographing while flying?

A – Our drones are equipped with air-to-ground video links, which allow the pilot to see through the drone’s on-board camera while flying. The pilot has a bird’s eye view from the aerial drone.

Q – Can I be on location during the shoot?

A – It is not necessary, but having the client on-site can be helpful to ensure we get the photos or videos you need for your project. We do not discourage client participation at shooting locations.


Q – What is best for me to use, aerial photos or videos?

A – That would depend on your needs. Our aerial photos can be used for print media, such newspapers and magazines and electronic media, such as websites and e-mail marketing. Our videos can be used for electronic media, such as YouTube, Vimeo and hosted on your own server.


Q – Can I post an aerial video to YouTube and Vimeo and link to my aerial video from my business or personal website?

A – That is one of the best ways to use aerial videos on your website. Linking to videos is simple and easy using YouTube and Vimeo, as well as other video hosting platforms.


Q – If I have additional questions or concerns, how do I get in touch with you to discuss them?

A – We are very accessible and can be reached via phone or e-mail. A phone call is the best way to ensure all your questions and concerns are adequately resolved though. Our contact information is here for your convenience.


Q – Aerial photos and videos sounds like a great idea for marketing my business. It will make us look more sophisticated and aligned with the times. What do I have to do to hire you for my project?

A – Yes, aerial photos and videos do an a new and unique perspective for improved marketing and increased sales potential. You can complete and electronically submit our New Project Contact Form and get your project off the ground.

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