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From Sebring, FL, we create wonderful aerial photos and videos that help you sell your products and services. We can blend outdoor aerial and virtual interior tours from photos and videos to create a powerful user experience for your customers.

How Can We Support Your

Aerial Photo and Video Needs?

Are you and your business reaching your marketing and sales potential? If not, you have come to the right place! Our team will design a unique package to let you share your story with the world.

We’ll work with you to create custom designed aerial photos and videos that will showcase your products and services to your target audience. We will provide a powerful and unique visual experience that creates a meaningful interaction and encourage conversations designed to improve your marketing and, most importantly, increase your sales.

Here’s a sampling of how we can work together to help you and your business:

  • Aerial Photos
  • Aerial Videos
  • Website and Print Ready
  • Interior Tours
  • Combo Exterior and Interior
  • Video Uploads to YouTube & Vimeo
  • Branded Photos and Video
  • Logo Placement on Photos & Videos
  • Web Linking to Your Website for SEO

Let's Develop a New & Unique Way to Showcase Your Property

Aerial photos and videos offer a new way to show properties, events and activities. Aerial photos and videos are an incredibly powerful tool. The aerial views capture an entirely different and unique vantage point producing a stunning result.

We provide new and progressive aerial photos and videos setting you apart from the others. Show your clients (and prospective new customers) that you are not “stuck in the mud” with the same run of the mill photos and videos that everyone else is using. For commercial businesses, this distinction can be an excellent market differentiator clearly separating the advanced leaders from the beginners.

Aerial photos and videos are a great way to demonstrate your awareness and insight into new marketing tools designed to attract customers, provide greater detail and help close sales. Here are a  few examples of aerial photos and videos that surely attract attention.

Outdoor Photos & Video

We provide aerial photos and videos. From 10 to 400 feet off the ground, we shoot high-definition aerial photos. The color and clarity of the "hi-res" images are sure to sell your clients.

Indoor Photos & Video

We shoot interior photos and videos using a new, state-of-the-art gyro controlled camera stabilizer. This technology provides a "no shake", smooth video that will please your clients.

Photos & Video Editing

We provide editing services for photos and videos, color correction, editing, logo placement, video uploading to YouTube or Vimeo and assist our clients with their photo & video needs.

Aerial Views are Powerful
Impress Your Clients with Aerial Photos
New Perspectives
Showcase Property with Aerial Images
Fly High
Get Above the Competition with Aerial Videos and Photos
New Construction
Attract New Clients with Your Current and Previous Projects
Get Above the Crowd
Show the World Your Business as Never Before

A Little Bit About Us

Sky Photos USA is a family-based business, located in Sebring,  south central Florida. 

We have been in the professional photographic business for 30+ years. Our photos have been published in magazines, books and newspapers in the US and abroad. 

To provide new and unique services, we are focused on creating aerial photos and videos to our clients. To that end, received pilot training and became certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a remote pilot under Part 107 requirements.

FAA Certified UAS Pilot
FAA Certified Remote Pilot

FAA Certified Pilots

To ensure compliance with federal aviation laws and regulations, our pilots have been trained in aerial drone aviation and are Part 107 certified by the FAA. Our drone aviators have passed FAA written exams and are certified as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) pilots. We are FAA approved to provide aerial photos and videos in controlled airspace.

Fully Insured

We are a fully insured drone operator against damages to people and property during our aerial flight operations. We have a minimum of $1 million coverage and can extend coverage up to $10 million, as needed to protect ourselves and our clients from tort claims.  You can rest assured that we are protected during our flight operations.

Service Area

We are a premiere aerial photos and videos company in  Sebring (Highlands County) Florida. Convenient and easy access to the east, west coast and central areas of the state.

Our pilots capture beautiful aerial videos and photos for business and personal use. We elevate aerial imagery by offering bold and dynamic visuals from the sky.

Currently, we provide aerial video and photo services within a 50-air mile radius of our office. We will service all areas of Florida with an added client cost, based on mileage and other travel expenses

The Process

Our process is simple and easy for our customers.  Just determine your project needs and we’ll get together to set a shoot date for your aerial images. We shoot the images and then add our magic to them with color correction, sharpening, adjust vibrance, contrast and other editing tweaks. We then deliver your aerial imaging content to you via on-line downloading or other media files.



We will work with you to find a date and time to shoot aerial images at your location.



Our photographer will capture all the requested images you need. Photos, videos and interiors are all shot the same day for fast turnaround.



We ensure your images and video clips are color corrected, edited and produced for your needs.



We oversee the entire process to ensure each project is delivered on-time and to your satisfaction.


Includes: GPS controlled Quad-Blade Drone with HD 1080p Wide-Lens Video and 12 Megapixel Camera. Video is stabilized with a 3-axis gimbal for fluid motion.

Our packages include up to 1 hour of flight time on the project site. We will be airborne and flying within 48 hours from confirmation date, however, we are dependent upon weather conditions. We host all imagery for easy downloading and sharing.

Silver Package

Real Estate Photo Session
$ 149 Per Listing
  • 15 High Resolution Aerial Photos
  • In-house image Correction
  • 2 Day Turnaround

Gold Package

Real Estate Photo Session
$ 199 Per Listing
  • 15 High Resolution Aerial Photos
  • 5 High Definition Aerial Video Clips
  • In-house Image Correction
  • 2 Day Turnaround
Best Seller

Platinum Package

Real Estate Photo Session
$ 299 Per Listing
  • 15 High Resolution Photos
  • 10 High Definition Video Clips
  • In-house Image Correction
  • 2 Day Turnaround

You have 


We have the answers

The folks at Sky Photos USA provided great aerial videos that enabled me to WOW my client and secure a nice contract for my services. I now have a "go to" team to help me win future contracts too!

Tom Hennerty Landscape Designer

Working with your team has been a dream. The level of professionalism was truly world class. The aerial photos were perfect for my real estate marketing needs. I’m so happy that I hired Sky Photos USA. Thank you.

Debra Higginsly Realtor

Ready to Take Your Journey to New Heights?

 Book with confidence as Sky Photos USA is a FAA-approved and insured drone operator. Ideal for real property listings, construction projects, landscaping, car dealerships, marinas, shopping malls, golf courses, roof inspections, outdoor events, and much more.  Aerial videos and photos offer buyers a whole new perspective of your project.

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